Coaching Process

green pathwayI begin with what’s called a “discovery session” to better understand  a client. Every individual is unique and it is important to set your goals based on what you, and not others, deem important.

The discovery session helps us to set the path to success.  We are then able to better define goals that can be monitored, measured, and achieved during the coaching process through drawing on your unique talents and abilities.

During our coaching calls, I will encourage you to explore options and assess progress toward your goals. These regular touch-points are critical to reinforce accountability.

Coaching is essentially a guided dialogue with a trained and objective third party.  Based upon my training and expertise in coaching others, I will support you as you move through the initial stages of change to achieve your goals.

Coaching programs available:

autumn pathwayAll coaching programs begin with an in-depth discovery interview to clarify key objectives and address questions and concerns.

In each program, sessions are typically held by phone bi weekly depending on the assignment and the nature of the required outcomes.

6 month program – This basic program identifies core issues and gaps that impact performance.  It begins the process of change in you, your team, and your business.

12 month program – This program is more in depth and  is particularly effective for executives focused on a variety of personal and professional issues including  issues around team dynamics,  work life balance and leadership development.

Custom designed programs are also available to address special needs.

On site facilitations and visits are available for an additional fee.

Please feel free to contact me to schedule a call to see if we are a good fit to work together!