The Road to Peak Performance

the road to peak performanceIn working with coaching clients, the first step is to establish goals to be reached at the end of the coaching process. Clarity of goals and prioritizing those goals is how we are able to establish a road map to success. We have to know where we are headed in order to measure our progress along the way.

Many of my clients have very specific financial and business growth goals.  The challenge in the coaching process is when we begin to identify what it takes to get there.  The long established habits and unconscious behaviors of individuals, as well as the patterns among team members, often need to be addressed in order to reach that next level.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

In the best-selling book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, top Executive Coach Marshall Goldsmith gives us examples of the challenges successful people face when they are making changes. It is hard not to feel that all of our qualities, both good and bad, are what have led us to accomplish our goals up to this point. It’s often difficult for a successful person to acknowledge and understand how some of his habits and quirks may have contributed directly to his accomplishments, but now may actually be a hindrance to his future success.

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Monsters in the Closet

Remember those childhood dreams where the monsters were chasing you and you were frozen and could not move?

I remember going through a difficult period in my early 20’s and dreamed that those same monsters were chasing me. I was in this small white room with lots of clothes and suitcases and was frantically trying to pack up all of my stuff before I ran from the monsters who were getting closer and closer.

Every day I would wake up and wonder why I didn’t just bolt when I knew they were after me instead of trying to pack up my things? It made no sense to me at the time, yet the dream was a recurrent one for many weeks.

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