How High Achievers Conquer Self-Doubt

self-doubtWe all experience challenges with self-doubt.  However, the high achievers among us have developed a special capacity that allows them to overcome self-doubt and achieve their goals.

Let’s begin by exploring the concept of self-doubt. Self-doubt is a state of uncertainty in which people become immobilized and cannot move forward. Stumped, stymied, frustrated, and blocked are some of the many words clients use to describe the mental state that self-doubt represents. It implies that we are somehow unwilling or unable to act on something or move toward a goal that we are striving to accomplish. We have a destination but are unable to reach it.

How a Coach Can Help With Self-Doubt

So how does one address these roadblocks?  As a coach, I support my clients in two ways:

  • First, I help them to clarify their goals.
  • Next, I encourage their self-belief in what they are capable of accomplishing.

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Willful Blindness

willful blindnessI recently had the luxury of a free morning due to client vacations, so I took some time to watch a portion of the Rupert Murdoch parliamentary hearing on CNN.

After a series of questions posed to Murdoch, a panel member asked him if he was familiar with the concept of willful blindness.

The definition for this term varies, but Margaret Heffernan clarifies it beautifully in her book, Willful Blindness (a great read which I highly recommend).   Heffernan describes her book’s title concept as the following:

An opportunity for knowledge and a responsibility to be informed that is shirked

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Monsters in the Closet

Remember those childhood dreams where the monsters were chasing you and you were frozen and could not move?

I remember going through a difficult period in my early 20’s and dreamed that those same monsters were chasing me. I was in this small white room with lots of clothes and suitcases and was frantically trying to pack up all of my stuff before I ran from the monsters who were getting closer and closer.

Every day I would wake up and wonder why I didn’t just bolt when I knew they were after me instead of trying to pack up my things? It made no sense to me at the time, yet the dream was a recurrent one for many weeks.

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