How High Achievers Conquer Self-Doubt

self-doubtWe all experience challenges with self-doubt.  However, the high achievers among us have developed a special capacity that allows them to overcome self-doubt and achieve their goals.

Let’s begin by exploring the concept of self-doubt. Self-doubt is a state of uncertainty in which people become immobilized and cannot move forward. Stumped, stymied, frustrated, and blocked are some of the many words clients use to describe the mental state that self-doubt represents. It implies that we are somehow unwilling or unable to act on something or move toward a goal that we are striving to accomplish. We have a destination but are unable to reach it.

How a Coach Can Help With Self-Doubt

So how does one address these roadblocks?  As a coach, I support my clients in two ways:

  • First, I help them to clarify their goals.
  • Next, I encourage their self-belief in what they are capable of accomplishing.

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Rookie Manager Mistakes

Rookie Manager MistakesMany of my clients are financial advisors and entrepreneurs who have developed successful businesses.  As their businesses continue to grow, they are now fine-tuning their skills for managing and leading others.

As I look back on my career, I realize that I was very fortunate to work with and for some wonderful people who helped me to become a great manager and coach.  In today’s business world, we don’t always have such role models and mentors, which is why hiring a coach can be so important.

A Personal Story

Stories of my mistakes really resonate with clients, so I am documenting one of my stories here, that of my first job as a manager in the corporate world.

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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons by Vivian MastrangeloGrowing up, we didn’t have money for music lessons. I remember sitting at the window and pretending to be a concert pianist.  So just recently,  I signed up for piano lessons.

Change is easier to deal with when it is something that you choose. I still have to go through the inevitable peaks and valleys.  One such example is the excitement of learning something new and realizing I have some natural talent, while at the same time realizing that reading music is a challenge that will only be conquered by lots of practice.  I do, however, have a vision of where I want to be in the future that I am moving towards,  and I have my teacher/coach to support me and encourage me to get to my ultimate destination. That vision and support make all the difference.

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