Willful Blindness

willful blindnessI recently had the luxury of a free morning due to client vacations, so I took some time to watch a portion of the Rupert Murdoch parliamentary hearing on CNN.

After a series of questions posed to Murdoch, a panel member asked him if he was familiar with the concept of willful blindness.

The definition for this term varies, but Margaret Heffernan clarifies it beautifully in her book, Willful Blindness (a great read which I highly recommend).   Heffernan describes her book’s title concept as the following:

An opportunity for knowledge and a responsibility to be informed that is shirked

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Keys to Continued Business Success

continued business success
We are all looking for the “silver bullet,” the one thing that will make us successful in growing our businesses.

So what are the elements needed to maintain a successful and flourishing business?

1. Clarity of purpose

You need to have a strong sense of what you want your business to be in the future. It is hard to create a road map when you don’t know where you are going.

In my coaching work, I meet many successful clients who have plateaued or are struggling to move to the next level. Often it’s because they have achieved their first vision and now need to stop and reassess what’s next and set objectives toward a new vision.

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Rookie Manager Mistakes

Rookie Manager MistakesMany of my clients are financial advisors and entrepreneurs who have developed successful businesses.  As their businesses continue to grow, they are now fine-tuning their skills for managing and leading others.

As I look back on my career, I realize that I was very fortunate to work with and for some wonderful people who helped me to become a great manager and coach.  In today’s business world, we don’t always have such role models and mentors, which is why hiring a coach can be so important.

A Personal Story

Stories of my mistakes really resonate with clients, so I am documenting one of my stories here, that of my first job as a manager in the corporate world.

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